7 benefits to use a baby box

coffret de naissance évolutifBerceau évolutif babyboxcoffre à jouet évolutif

1 - A safe and comfortable cot, confirmed to the safety requirements EN1130 – 1/2

réducteur lit

2- The baby box is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

3- Very light, you can easily move it around the house, especially if you have stitches and use it for co-sleeping.

4- Saves time and money for parents by identifying all the essentials for the birth.

5- This eco-friendly French baby bed can be placed on the floor as a cot or as a baby bed.

6- The lid must be kept under the baby box MARMOTT when your baby is inside, the lid serves as a part of the babybox when used as a baby bed. 

7-The baby box marmott can be put to other uses once when baby has outgrown it.